The Nugget Box
The Nugget Box
The Nugget Box

The Nugget Box

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Finally! The nuggets have arrived!

This box includes:

- Approximately 80 pretzel nuggets
- Pretzel Salt

Our nuggets have been a staple at our Downtown York, PA bakery since 2014. Now you can get these beauties wherever you live!

Your family deserves real pretzels - no more of those grocery store white bread tasting pretzels or overpriced mass-produced pretzels from the internet. These are the real deal!

Soft, chewy, authentic. We've been selling pretzels since 2014 - we know pretzels.

Product arrives unsalted and includes heating instructions. Freeze if not consumed within 24 hours - don't worry, they're great when taken directly from the freezer to the oven/toaster/grill!

All orders ship ONLY on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This means if you order on Wednesday, your order will ship the following week.

Customer Reviews

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A crowd pleaser

This was a great purchase. 4 bags of 20 nuggets, reheat in the air fryer beautifully.

I got them for my wife for her birthday and she said that was her favorite gift...Happy wife, happy life

I could not be happier


warm up great in the air fryer, good taste but a little pricey IMO as they taste to me the same as other frozen brands overall


these pretzel nuggets were really delicious. 5 minutes for a great warm snack priceless!!!


We love the nugget pretzels!
Easy snack to make .
From start to finish 5 minutes and pretzels are ready ! Would order again!

So Good!!

The pretzel nuggets are so good! Just a few minutes in the oven and we have the perfect snack! They are a little bigger than I anticipated, but that just makes them easier to dip! I will definitely order them again. I was a little hesitant about ordering them since I live in Texas (if they would arrive fresh), but they are great! Just get them in the freezer when they arrive and you are set for snacks for days to come!