Pilsudski Sriracha Mustard

Pilsudski Sriracha Mustard

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Pilsudski Sriracha Mustard is a unique and versatile mustard that will leave a Sriracha pepper explosion in your mouth. This mustard has so many uses such as on top of burgers and a marinade for chicken or even blend it with mayo for a dip or spread.

Pilsudski LLC is a family-owned company in Southeastern Pennsylvania that values quality products and great taste as much as we do. If you know us, you know that quality is the biggest factor in what we sell.

This isn’t grocery store squeeze-and-you-get-yellow-water mustard. These are some of the best tasting mustards you’ve ever tried and they partner perfectly with our pretzels.

Customer Reviews

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Sylvia Ligorio
Fresh good pretzel

Pretzels arrived fast, fresh and perfect.
The mustard was good loved the kick
I would definitely order again. Very pleased. And pretzels were good, they are all gone now. Lol

Rita G Walker
Mustard with a Kick!

A kick, but a super-delicious one!

Great flavor!

This siracha mustard made the pretzels taste even better! We love this mustard so much we use it on all of our cold cut sandwiches. It’s fabulous with cheese cubes too. So good!

Deb Burleigh
Perfect Pairing

This mustard has a good kick, but doesn't burn your lips off. Really good with the pretzels! I gave pretzels to my daughter and son-in-law for an early Christmas gift. Both were a huge hit! Will be ordering again.

Autumn Cumer
Great Pretzel!!

Pretzels are wonderful, and the mustard’s are outstanding.