How did two brothers with a lifelong affinity for all things food end up baking the best soft pretzels in the country?

With a little help from their friends, of course.

Four guys, a girl, and a pretzel place. Like many great ideas, this one started with a few beers at a local bar. Drinking together and munching on flavorless cardboard pretzel nuggets, the team that would ultimately become The Pretzel Company decided that they did not like most pretzels. They thought they could do better. Then they did!

Born in York. 

We hail from York County, PA: Snack Food Capital of the World. We call it Pretzel Country. Nearly every soft pretzel that you’ve seen being sold on the internet has been touched, prodded, or formed by a machine at every step of the manufacturing process. But not ours.

The spirit of the region is ingrained in who we are, and the products we create by hand. When we say we’re located in the pretzel capital of the United States, we mean it. 80% of all pretzels produced in the US are made within an hour’s drive of our bakery. Growing up in Pretzel Country we know a thing or two about quality snack food.

Don’t Get it Twisted - You’ll Taste the Difference in our Pretzels

Pretzels have been around for thousands of years... and some of them taste that way. Sure, we use a simple and traditional recipe, but our pretzels are anything but ordinary. We make the best tasting soft pretzels you’ll find anywhere—hand-twisted and using only high-quality ingredients. We guarantee it.

Family-owned. Small batch. Hand-twisted. We are the Pretzel Company and we're not your grandma's pretzels. (Though, we know she’d love them too!) Don’t take our word for it - taste the difference that love and human-power make in every bite of our signature soft pretzels.

Nothing says “I Love You” Like a Box of Freshly Baked Pretzels

We cut our teeth serving freshly-baked soft pretzels in our hometown of York, PA. Now, we’re bringing those delicious pretzels right to your doorstep in all 48 continental states. They make the perfect - wedding, baby, birthday, just-because gift or keep them for yourself, we won’t judge!