The Some of Everything Box - Sample Box
The Some of Everything Box - Sample Box
The Some of Everything Box - Sample Box

The Some of Everything Box - Sample Box

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This box includes:

- 3 Signature Soft Pretzels
- 3 Party Size Pretzels
- 6 Signature Pretzel Rolls
- 6 Slider Rolls
- Pretzel Salt

Order this once and return to order your favorites the next time!

Product arrives unsalted and includes heating instructions. Freeze if not consumed within 24 hours - don't worry, they're great when taken directly from the freezer to the oven/toaster/grill!

AZ, CA, ID, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA orders ship ONLY on Monday and Tuesday during the warmer months due to shipping delays. This means if you order on Wednesday, your order will ship the following week.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
George Hertlein

Love it. Been buying from them since the first time trying them. THEY ARE THE BEST

Rita Pflasterer
Arrived late but The Pretzel Co stood behind it 100%

Once again FedEx does not deliver to my home address on Saturdays so my order came the following Monday however, in much better condition than the first order that was very moldy. Perhaps the cooler weather we were having helped this time. Thank you for replacing my original order at no cost to me. Love your pretzels and spicy mustards and cheese! Not to mention the great customer service you provide.

Ralph DeCristoforo
Home food from 2000 miles away!

Love the real pretzel rolls! I freeze them. Then, microwave them feozen for about 55 seconds to make them fresh and ready to be made 8nto a sandwich.

Peggy Bourletos
Best dam pretzels

The pretzels are outrageous. Love the sliders. Outrageous taste & quality

John Porth
awesome pretzels

It was the perfect first order. It had a little of everything making me want more of each by the time they were gone. I will be back.