The Basic Box - No Mustard. 10 big pretzels.
The Basic Box - No Mustard. 10 big pretzels.
The Basic Box - No Mustard. 10 big pretzels.

The Basic Box - No Mustard. 10 big pretzels.

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The Basic Box includes:
10 of our 6oz Signature Pretzels
Pretzel Salt

You don't want mustard and you're not gonna get it! This was originally called The Mustard Hating Box but we didn't have room on the labels for it. Now, it's just called The Basic Box.

Product arrives unsalted and includes heating instructions. Freeze if not consumed within 24 hours - don't worry, they're great when taken directly from the freezer to the oven/toaster/grill!

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Tesoriero
Great 😊

Like the pretzels I use to get in New York when I was young

Mark Lauer

Got billed never received. Complete Rio off.

Mr. Lauer did not receive his pretzels. That is correct. It appears that FedEx lost his package after never scanning them in.

We've shipped well over 20,000 boxes at this point. Sometimes UPS and FedEx lose boxes. It happens.

Most customers just send us an email and we will refund or reship their boxes. It's a pretty simple fix. We take care of our customers.

Mr. Lauer emailed to let us know he hadn't received his pretzels...then left us a 1 Star review 20 minutes later. Yikes.

We aren't perfect, but we shipped his pretzels. FedEx lost the box. With a little patience we would gladly have sent a new box, refunded his order, or both. He has since been taken care of with a refund.


Since we're from Connecticut and very filmilar with Pennsylvania and all the pretzels and chips we decided to try these pretzels. I could not believe how soft and tender they are. No weird taste you get from them when u heat them up like others. I am so impressed and will without a doubt buy these again and try other items also...

Charles Cousin

First del date was Mon changed Del three times rec it on thursday

Joseph Colvin
Best Pretzels.

I own a food truck and have tried several pretzel companies and found these pretzels are by far the best. We only sold a few at our first event but received great compliments from those customers. Will definitely order again.