The Basic Box - No Mustard. 10 big pretzels.
The Basic Box - No Mustard. 10 big pretzels.
The Basic Box - No Mustard. 10 big pretzels.

The Basic Box - No Mustard. 10 big pretzels.

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The Basic Box includes:
10 of our 6oz Signature Pretzels
Pretzel Salt

You don't want mustard and you're not gonna get it! This was originally called The Mustard Hating Box but we didn't have room on the labels for it. Now, it's just called The Basic Box.

Product arrives unsalted and includes heating instructions. Freeze if not consumed within 24 hours - don't worry, they're great when taken directly from the freezer to the oven/toaster/grill!

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Customer Reviews

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These pretzels are amazing! Once I learned the exact heating time it cooks them perfectly in my toaster oven, I want to eat them everyday. I will continually order these!


this was second time ordering and they were great both times!!

Disappointed in my box of pretzels

I received a box from a friend and they were amazing!! A few weeks later I ordered my own and I received moldy pretzels. I was so disappointed. Not just because of the wasted money but because we were really looking forward to our shipment. ☹️☹️☹️

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as stated in all of our emails. This includes situations that are not our fault, like this one. We take care of our customers.

Your pretzels were shipped 3 Day Select on 3/22 and delivered on 3/29. This is more frustrating for us than it is for you , trust me. This is true especially when we pay more for shipping than our customers do.

Please reach out directly and we will replace or refund your box. Hopefully UPS won't fail you again.

Excellent !

This was my first order. The pretzels were really fresh. Was surprised to see how big they were! Very good. Would definitely order again.


The best pretzels
So fresh