The Snack Sized Box - 20 Pretzels
The Snack Sized Box - 20 Pretzels
The Snack Sized Box - 20 Pretzels

The Snack Sized Box - 20 Pretzels

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This box includes:
20 of our 3oz pretzels
9oz Pilsudski Original Mustard
Pretzel Salt

Product arrives unsalted and includes heating instructions. Freeze if not consumed within 24 hours - don't worry, they're great when taken directly from the freezer to the oven/toaster/grill!

These smaller 3oz pretzels are a personal favorite of The Pretzel Company team. Don't know what to bring to your uncle Randy's house warming party? Boom. Decision made. These guys are a little smaller than our signature pretzels, but just as tasty. Perfect for your next party.

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Customer Reviews

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Debbie Seger-Pini
The BEST pretzels

We ordered these last month jus tot try them out. We now have ordered two more times. These are the best pretzels!

j.b. nagurne
second bag of 10 had mold on them as told by my son j,b,nagurne

weather ?

The Pretzel Company

I ordered a box of "snack" pretzels and they arrived completely stale. My husband and I took one bite and couldn't believe they
are still in business if this is the norm. I emailed them our thoughts asking them to please replace our box with a fresh one but
have not seen a response.

Lisa Wersel

This is a complete fabrication. Ms. Wersel was emailed exactly > 3 MINUTES < after she emailed us.

We have not heard from her.

Toni Szczesniak

I wasn’t to sure about them at first but thought I’ll order them and try .. glad I did I love pretzels and I’m am very happy with these..

Great customer service

I recieved an order that i was not satisfied with , i was immediately contacted and shipped a replacement. I can't say enough about the customer service and the pretzels are truly awesome!